CR, July 21, 2001

Vertiefungskurs Kombinatorische Chemie
Sommersemester 2001

Partial Credit Scheme Final

Please note that both point deductions and points obtained for a certain partial answer are being listed.

Aufgabe 1.  (a) and (b) 3 points each for correct number, no points for incorrect numbers; (c) 4 points for correct answer, -2 points, if "m" and "n" were mixed up.

Aufgabe 2.  10 points for correct answer; 3 points for alternative answer that is greatly inferior.  No answer, no points.

Aufgabe 3.  (a) 14 points for correct answer,  -1 point each for incorrect labeling of reaction arrows, missing charge on a tetrasubstituted nitrogen, missing protecting group or support that leads to low level side reaction, or incorrect order of reagents on arrows, -2 points for missing protecting group or solid support that leads to a major side reaction;  (b) 9 points total (3x3) for correct answers, -1 point for a building block that is unstable, -2 points for unspecific answer that leaves open the nature of the residue; -2 points for an answer consisting of one general structure only.

Aufgabe 4.  10 points for correct answer; -2 points for a dihydro-derivative of the oxazolone that forms, 5 points for the chloride structure and a correct statement on its stability.

Aufgabe 5.  10 points for correct answer; -2 points for every minor error in the statement.

Aufgabe 6.  (a) 10 points for correct answer; -1 point for minor error, -2 points for moderately problematic error in the structure.  5 points for a general structure without the backbone.  (b) 5 points for correct answer, -2 points for not drawing or mentioning styrene, 1 point total for an unrelated crosslinking scheme.

Aufgabe 7.  10 points for correct answer, -4 points for isonitrile, -6 points for hydrolysis of linkage.

Aufgabe 8.  12 points for correct answer, 3 points for each correct correlation of reaction site and reaction; -2 points, if Schiff base formation was proposed for site (3), -1 point, if acylation was proposed for site (1).

Aufgabe 9.  10 points for correct answer; -3 points for every error in an otherwise correct answer.

Maximal erreichte Punktzahl:  86

Scheine:  Der Kurs ist bestandenen nach bestandener Klausur, Absolvierung des Praktikums und Abgabe eines akzeptablen Abschlussberichtes.