CR, 2-10-01

Vertiefungskurs Nucleic Acids Chemistry

Wintersemester 2000/2001

What a Lab Report Should Contain

1.  A cover page with your name, the name of the course and the semester when it was taken.
2.  An entry for every experiment you have performed.  Please mention the date when the experiment was performed and start a new page for every experiment.
3.  If your hand writing is hard to read, please use a computer or typewriter.  If it is legible and your drawings are clear, you can submit your report hand written.

4.  Every entry (report on one experiment) should contain:

-  A scheme showing what reaction is being performed
-  A list of the chemicals used
-  A description of the experiment (protocol, brief description of apparati used, any observations)
-  Brief discussion of results (why, do you believe, did an experiment succeed or fail, how may something be done better next time around?).
-  An appendix with the primary data (spectra, tables or spreadsheets with primary data)

5.  Please provide your report in a form in which the sheets will stay together, e.g. in a "Schnellhefter".