CR, 8. Juni 2005

Nucleic Acids Chemistry

Outline of Today's Lecture

Antisense Inhibition, Immunostimulation and RNA Interference

1. Modes of Interfering with Gene Expression

2.  Antisense Inhibition of Gene Expression

    2.1  Discovery of Antisense Inhibition

    2.2  Mechanisms: translational block and RNase H cleavage

    2.3  Structure of Antisense Agents

3.  Immunostimulatory DNA Sequences (CpG DNA)

    3.1  The innate immune system

    3.2  Structural motives recognized

4.  RNA Interference (RNAi)

    4.1 Brief history of RNAi, Quelling, or Posttranscriptional Silencing

    4.2  Mechanism underlying RNA interference

    4.3  Therapeutic intervention with siRNA