Pictures from our April 2003 retreat

The group meets early in the morning

arriving in front of the Institute of Organic Chemistry in Freiburg

Jan is relaxing after the drive

Sunshine greets us on the Feldberg

Sukunath checking out the blue Ferrari sledge

Oliver checking out the site

Patti is enjoying the occassion


while Anil, our guest from the Balaban group,
is testing the brakes on his sledge


Clemens is going for a ride

while Michael is surveying the landscape

Annette watches a snowball fight

and so does Marc

heroes posing in T-shirts

Uli on the fastest sledge

Carolin preparing for the next snowball throw

while Karsten does not even need to prepare

Niels the juggler

Siegfried waiting for the next snowball

Stephanie chatting with Patti

while Zeynep is enjoying jokes from Sukunath

... any questions?

The Blues Brothers

Pictures taken by Ulrich, Jan, and other group members.  We thank Uli for the use of his digital camera, a fair portion of the planning, and his parents for lending us sledges!

Mrs. Sommer-Merker, Jenny, and Peter were unable to attend. We missed you!