Pictures from our March 2004 retreat

On the highway
(view through Clemens' rear mirror)

Getting ready for departure at a rest area

Arriving at the starting point for our canoeing trip in the Kaiserstuhl

Jan taking a last look at the scenery

Carolin doing a warm-up round

Boat No. 7 before ...


... and after falling into "the drink".


The green (nuclear-powered) submarine ...

... hitting a reef
(can you hear Sukunath's "hey man"?).

Scenic view on our way.

At some point, we have to take a break.

Then it's time to pack up ...

... or to do some wringing of clothes
(depending on how much swimming you had to do).

Then, there is dinner

... and more dinner

But uncharted waters remain ...


... for real friends to explore.

Pictures taken by Brian and CR.
We thank Uli and his friends for organizing the event!

Patti, Marcel, and Samy were unable to attend and were dearly missed.