Pictures from our March 2006 retreat

Arriving in the dark before the ascending to the cabin.

Warming up with hot tea after the arrival at the cabin.

Ralf does not want to play cards.

But Michael's dog Tina does.

Our home for the week-end.

Scenery around the cabin.

Kerstin and Stepahnie watch Michael...

... who takes his dog for a walk.

Christopher, Ralf and Karsten getting
water from the nearby river.

Loading the cars for sledging in a nearby skiing resort.

Carolin posing on a sledge.

As well as Kerstin.

In the skiing resort...

... Kerstin, Stephanie, Sabrina and Carolin
on their way to lend some skis.

Clemens examining the scene.

Karsten brings Amrit downhill.

Michael, Ulrich and Ralf just before the decent.


Clemens in action.

Stepahnie made it down the hill.

Amrit gets a lesson in skiing by Karsten...

... and then meets Carolin on his way down the hill.

Ulrich telling an exciting sledging story.

Kerstin and Stephanie using the draglift.


Tired faces after several decents.

In the dark hut after electricity was shut down.

Clemens leads the caravan back to the car park.

Our entry into the hut's log book.

Group picture (taken by Stephanie).

Pictures taken by Amritraj, Christopher, Guangyu and Ulrich.

Eric, Shahid, Mrs. Sommer-Merker, Siegfried, Mrs. Hochgesandt, Peter, Niels, Katharina and Tanja were unable to attend and were dearly missed.

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