Richert Group Pictures

Group Excursion to Yale, Spring 1999
(from left to right) Rishi Jain, Colleen Bleczinski, Andriy Mokhir, Clemens Richert, Charles Tetzlaff, Kendra Dombi, Billy Connors, Dwayne Daniels
Richert Research Group Fall 1998
Top row: Dwayne Daniels, David Sarracino, Ina Schwope, Colleen Bleczinski, Clemens Richert
Bottom row: Matthew Simon, Robert Altman, William Ho, Charles Tetzlaff
Official Group Picture Fall 1996
(from left to right)
(top row) Charles Tetzlaff, David Sarracino
(second row) Hemant Gupta, Clemens Richert, Rishi Jain
(third row) Matthew Simon, Graeme Woodworth, Joshua Steinberg
(bottom row) Christoph Steinbeck, Kurt Berlin, Colleen Bleczinski
Rob and Clemens at the Chemistry Department
Holiday Party, December 1998

Richert Group BBQ July 1999

(from left to right) William Connors, Jay Stoerker, Colleen Bleczinski, and Kendra Dombi
(from left to right) Kendra Dombi, Charles Tetzlaff, Anna Kalayde, Andrew Mokhir, David Sarracino, and Clemens Richert

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